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Left Lower Jaw Left Lower Jaw Antler and Jaw Fragments Shell Fragments
Toe  Bones, Jaw Fragments and Tooth Lower Jaw Partial Radius Tooth Plate Fragment
Tusk Fragment - enamel side Tusk Fragment - dentin side Partial Tusk Tusk Fragment - enamel side
Tusk Fragment - Dentin Side Upper Molars Upper Molar Upper Molar
Molar Fragments Jaw Hinge and Hyoid Bone Skull Fragment (Palate) Skull Fragments
Pelvis Fragment Scapula Fragment Limb Bone Fragments Rib Fragments
Left Lower Jaw Vertebra and Tooth Teeth Modern Beaver / Giant Ice Age Beaver
Left Lower Jaw Claw Cores Claw Core Claw Core
Claw Core Tibia (Lower Leg Bone) Vertebra Fragments Assorted Postcranial
Leg and Toe Bones Radius-ulna Skull Fragment and Horn Cores Skull Fragments
Lower Jaw and Molars Lower Jaw Fragments Pelvis Half Foot Bones
Foot Bone Fragments Composite Articulated Foot Toe Bones and Hoof Cores Hoof Cores
Radius Fragments Radius Fragments Ulnae Calcaneum and Astragalus
Humerus Fragments Humerus and Fragments Tibia Tibia Fragments
Sacra Femur Fragments Femur Fragments Atlas Vertebrae
Axis Vertebrae Vertebrae Vert. Fragments and Rib Scapula
Upper Teeth Lower Teeth Lower Jaw Fragments Foot Bones
Foot Bone Fragments Hoof Core and Toe Bones Calcaneum, Astragalus, and Tibia Radius and Ulna Fragments
Vertebra Fragments Pelvis and Humerus Fragments Antler Fragments Antler Fragments
Skull Fragments Lower Jaws Radius and Foot Bones Femur and Fragments
Humerus and Fragments Vertebrae Scapula, Calcaneum and Ulna Pelvis and Tibia Fragments
Smaller Mammals Fin Spines and Gill Cover Shell Fragments and Scapula Bird Elements
Rib Fragments Rib Fragments Rib Fragments Rib Fragments

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Identifications by Earl Manning, Tulane University
Digital photography by Lonnie Looper