(Q) Are these replicas actual size?
(A) Since the molds are made from actual battlefield recoveries, they are the same size as the original projectile.

(Q) What are the replicas made of?
(A) The replicas are made of # 1 casting plaster (tinted with black pigment), hand-painted, and strengthened by immersion in an acetone/super glue solution and sealed with polyurethane.

(Q) How much do they weigh?
(A) At about 1/5th actual weight, they are easily handled and affordably shipped.

(Q) How about shipping?
(A) Shipping rates per replica vary depending upon the destination and the size and number of pieces being shipped. It is advisable to email or call me so I can quote an accurate shipping cost.

(Q) Can I get them without the plaques?
(A) Unless otherwise specified they will be shipped mounted permanently to the wood-grained plaque. Unmounted replicas are also available. The price is the same.

(Q) How can I make payment?
(A) Personal checks, company checks, or USPS (Postal) money orders are the only forms of payment which I can accept at this time.

(Q) Will they break if they are dropped?
(A) Elementary schoolteachers and heavyweight jugglers have asked this question. Yes, if dropped on a hard surface, these replicas might break. But they won’t kill everyone in the room.

(Q) Do you want to make a mold of my shell?
(A) If you have an example of a Civil War artillery projectile, land mine, or hand grenade that is not on the catalog page of this website, and you are willing to lend it (for about two weeks), you can receive free replicas for giving me the opportunity to expand my inventory. References are available upon request.