Lonnie Looper first became interested in making molds and casts in an effort to send elements of his (and wife, Freida's) Ice Age fossil collection to paleontologists for identification. Gradually he became interested in hand-painting them for display in museums and state parks. Visiting a friend who collects Civil War artillery shells, he noticed for the first time that "they weren't all cannonballs" and borrowed a few to make molds. After years of borrowing and buying Civil War artillery projectiles he has fabricated molds for 44 different types and still regularly searches for more.

His relentless search for the right colors and methods of applying them has resulted in convincing, museum quality replicas, which are currently displayed in museums, historical parks, and homes throughout the nation. To his knowledge he is the most prolific producer of these "dug shell" replicas in the world.

Click here for a printable 2.38 MB version of all 44 projectiles on one page and here for a printable price list. Use your browser's "BACK" method to return.

He has recently added some of his original fossil replicas to this website and included 93 images of their 540 piece Ice Age fossil collection. About the fossils  contains images, text and maps of fossil collecting on the Mississippi River.

They are closely aligned with several of the public museums in their area, curating fossils, documenting collections, supplying samples for testing, and replicating military artifacts and Native-American weaponry and cultural antiquities for exhibit.